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Functions of institution for the implementation and development of youth policies:

coordinates the establishment and implementation of the National Youth Strategy and the corresponding Annual Action Plan;


coordinates the preparation of the Annual Youth Report;

develops draft legal regulations related to youth policy;

interacts with youth organizations in the implementation of the national youth policy;

interacts with other governmental and local authorities in the implementation of the national youth policy;

develops programs for youth activities;

performs the functions of a National Coordinating Body under the European Convention for the Promotion of the Council of Europe's Long-Term Transnational Voluntary Service for Youth, after the entry into force of the Convention for Republic of Bulgaria;

assists the Minister in planning and implementing the national youth policy;

coordinates with other departments for the development of strategic, program, regulatory and other related documents in the field of the national youth policy;

participates in the harmonization of the national legislation with the acts of the European Union related to its functional competence;

prepares assignments for sociological and statistical surveys;

collects, processes and analyzes information on the activities of young people in the country, provides and coordinates information exchange with youth organizations and other non-profit organizations working with and for the young people in the country as well as with the regional administrations and municipalities in the implementation of youth policies;

organizes and coordinates activities in pursuit of youth policies of the European Union, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission;

maintains contacts and cooperates with the government authorities and non-governmental organizations in other countries, as well as with international organizations and institutions, whose activity is related to the implementation of policies for youth activities;

proposes and participates in the elaboration and updating and is responsible for the application of the regulatory acts and of the individual and general administrative acts related to its functional competence;

organizes, coordinates, controls, and implements the management of youth activities financing tools from the state budget through the Ministry and from European and international financial sources;

develops projects of national programs for youth activities, carries out and coordinates their implementation;

performs contracts with the European Commission and other international organizations;

participates in the development of the program budget format and of the medium-term budget estimate of the Ministry and the budget report under the programs in the field of its functional competence;

organizes seminars, trainings, forums and other events related to management of youth activities, organizes and performs the celebration of international youth events and holidays;

participates in the process of developing national and operational programs and other European and international programs in the youth area;

exercises control on the targeted spending of funds designated for youth activities in national and international youth programs through the monitoring on the implementation of youth activities projects;

organizes and ensures the activity of advisory and public authorities for youth to the Minister of Youth and Sports;

organizes and is responsible for the promotion of up-to-date youth information through the National Youth Information System.


Ministry of Youth and Sports

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